Interactive Monitoring solutions integrate the entire security system including access control, video surveillance, audio communications, burglar alarm, perimeter and guard patrols with the offsite, 24-hour AISG communications command center. Whatever your central station requirements, AISG will tailor the right solution by taking time to learn about your company, industry and specific security concerns.

Central Station Interactive Monitoring aggressively addresses the security threats that exist today. AISG provides “eyes and ears” for virtual onsite presence and complete off-premise facility. A remote location for intrusion, video surveillance and audio storage ensures that data is protected. AISG command center specialists are trained to immediately verify and assess any situation and respond appropriately, whether it is an authentic emergency or a false alarm.

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Interactive Monitoring is one of the most important security investments you can make to protect your assets, property, employees and customers. American Integrated Security Group offers a state-of-the-art interactive IP enabled central station hosted by highly trained operators at an offsite command post facility. Live and round the clock, AISG Interactive Monitoring provides real time assistance in assessing a security breach or suspicious activity, contacting the authorities, and standing by through event resolution.


Central Station Interactive Monitoring aggressively addresses the security threats that exist today.

Today’s security market is migrating to an Interactive Monitoring Center that offers:

  • Customize monitoring options like 24 hours a day; during specified hours; or a response plan for only when incidents occur.
  • Hosted and Automated Services.
  • Real-time intervention by trained specialists with the ability to send video to the appropriate authorities like law enforcement, fire and insurance industry officials.
  • Remote viewing, mobile capabilities and e-mail alerts.
  • Identity verification and entry authorization via video and access control credentials.
  • Immediate video verification before, during and after an event.
  • Robust, integrated and comprehensive interactive monitoring solutions.
  • Access Control
  • Video Surveillance
  • Hosted Services
  • Commu¬nications
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Perimeter Security
  • Guard Patrols

To learn more about video central monitoring and how AISG can help develop a customized plan for your business, contact us.